In which languages will it be sold?

Initially it will be available in English and Spanish.


The game looks quite large… Could you point out what will be included in the basic set and it’s measurements?

  • x1 hard cardboard, totally detailed and coloured gameboard with its 4 complements, where attributes/miniature administration,, gold reserve.  “street” and turn administration. Also a space dedicated to place the five hero tokens chosen for each side during each game. (The measuements of the fully laid out game is approximately 110 cm x 80 cm).
  • x19 Custom dice (7 different models)
  • x79 miniatures” (tokens) in die-cut hard, high quality cardboard, full colour and each one with it’s own base.
  • x40 Gold nugget die-cut hard, high quality cardboard, full colour tokens.
  • x20 State/Base tokens die-cut hard, high quality cardboard, full colour tokens.
  • x2 die-cut hard, high quality cardboard, full colour area templates.
  • x1 High quality paper rule book with coloured illustrations.
  • x1 Official Player Code. With this code you can register at our web and compete in official tournaments.

Will the basic pack have an expensive cost?

Definitely no. Despite the great amount of pieces, custom dice and special bases we can guarantee a very affordable price for a game of this calibre. 65€/Basic Pack (60€ the first 600 copies)


¿Tendrán ventajas los fundadores?

Many. The first 600 “Basic Packs” and the first 600 “Upgrade Packs” (79 plastic miniatures, 19 different models) will have an exclusive discount of 5€ and 10€ each one).

Thanks to this system we have managed to implement many quick “SG”

Both ADD-ONS and PACKS, have a lower cost than the recommended retail price once the kickstarter finishes.

Also, during the campaign Limited Edition “SG” will be unblocked, this is, plastic miniatures of heroes with different “appearances”, original and comical, Kickstarter exclusive only. For example: “This isn’t Méric” (he’ll be wearing a handbag, high heels, pepper spray…), or “Baloh, Adjunct Professor” (with a nice waistcoat, book, and mortarboard).

Last but not least. Once we fund MOBA WARS, we’ll organize the FIRST OFFICIAL MOBA WARS TOURNAMENT, with over a 1000€ in cash prizes. All backers that buy a Basic Pack from the first funding will get a free entrance to participate.

In the case of obtaining enough backers from other countries we would also do the same there.


What will the UPGRADE pack have??

The “Upgrade Pack” willl include 79 miniatures 3D modelled, made in resistant plastic and in only one piece. This will be equivalent for the 79 miniature tokens included in the MOBA WARS Basic Pack (First funding). The retail price will be 60€/pack. (The first 600 packs will be going for 50€/pack).


Has MOBA WARS been thoroughly tested?

Yes. A total of 122 people from different gaming backgrounds, have taken part of complete test games and have thoroughly evaluated us. Such evaluations have helped us to decide many aspects of MOBA WARS.

These tests were carried out by very young players, even by more veteran ones; online MOBA players, boardgame and wargame players, and even by people who play none.

At this link you can see the studies made in 2015.


I don’t know anything about MOBA like games, is MOBA WARS a Dungeon Crawler?

No. MOBA WARS is a game based on the growing videogames that are emerging from the game idea of Warcraft, made by Blizzard. It was during the birth of Leagues of Legend when the term MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) was established. Obviously, MOBA WARS is not an online game, but a boardgame based on the MOBA concept.

The visual resemblance is similar to the Dungeon Crawlers on the market, that such success have achieved during 2015. But the game system is not based on the development of some main heroes that ransack dungeons and acquire level, equipment and treasures.

In MOBA WARS the aim is to contract 5 heroes to decide the fate of the nations of Entroperhya. For this purpose, two sides in conflict, each formed by five previously chosen heroes, enter an “ARENA”. With the help of servants and defensive structures, they must destroy the enemies’ core and obtain victory, thus ending the conflict between those two countries.


How many players is MOBA WARS for?

Right now, with the basic pack, from 2 to 10 players can play at the same time making teams. The competitive mode is designed for 1 vs 1. We decided to implement a different system than those of the nowadays multiplayer games in which the players direct one or more heroes. With our system, there are no “time outs” and all participate immediately, making clear that we seek smoothness during the games.


¿How long does a game last?

Both 1 vs 1 and 5 vs 5 games have an estimated time length of 30′ – 90′ (for an average 60′). Obviously, this can change if we include other external elements (chatting, laughter, eating…) which are NOT negative factors at all. All the contrary, MOBA WARS’ aim is to entertain and help friends have some good moments together. Estimated time length is based on games played with players who have at least completed a full game.


If I have any more questions, where can I get more information?

In the Community section you can contact us or even find information in forums, blogs, YouTube channels, Twitter or Facebook.