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Entroperyha… Entroperyha… A world where darkness looms over, becoming thicker every day. A world where war, hunger and territorialism is such that extinction of all living beings is imminent. A world in which its leaders are unable to calm the tension among nations. A world where you can only find… death…

¡Planifica estrategias, consolida tus tropas, contra ataca y destruye el núcleo enemigo! MOBA WARS te espera.


Entroperyha… Entroperyha… A world where darkness looms over, becoming thicker every day. A world where war, hunger and territorialism is such that extinction of all living beings is imminent. A world in which its leaders are unable to calm the tension among nations. A world where you can only find… death…

… Until now!

Dr. Diëter-Dinhër, not having recovered from the loss of his wife, who died because of the war among nations. In a desperate move to ensure the survival of Entroperyha he decided to dedicate his life to the empyrical search of the ancient legends, ancestors of all known races.  He left his unborn child under the care of his own inventions and embarked on a solitary quest for the lost civilization.

After twenty years of travelling, his metallic ship docked at the legendary port of Ailmar. Nobody was there to receive him. And nobody came out the ship. Dr. Diëter-Dinhër had died.

Méric, Captain of the Sombre Guard decided to investigate the vessel. The Doctor’s body lied dead in the main cabin. There was an old diary on the desk. That diary would change the course of Entroperyha’s history, the old civilization had been discovered.

Read  Dr. Diëter-Dinhër extracts

Journey to nowhere.

… fourty-two days had past since my departure, I hop little James is growing healthy and strong. Most of all, I hope they haven’t discovered the bunker.

I still haven’t touched any sort of earth extension, water covers everything. The termo-flux-vital generators still work correctly. The geonuclear impulsion generators are working at full strength. If my calculations are right, the currents rule that in less than eighty hours I will find firm land.

For the moment I can only wait, the days go by monotonously, I really miss you…

A new continent.

… I knew it! I knew that we couldn’t just have come out of nowhere. The calculations couldn’t be wrong. Our races hadn’t evolved one from another thanks to the powers of the Gods, just as those sectarians from Kiminplax. I sense that the answers to so many questions are close, very close. The ancient writings are true, I hope they aren’t hostile…

… I have docked and activated the camouflage systems of the Mournful. In principle, no one will be able to detect it. This new land seems very barren, I’ll take a photograph for the archive. I’ll get out of the exploration vehicle and start to explore this new territory.

Death Hills.

… It’s been three years exploring the area. This new continent is huge. I have seen no animal form. Swamps, bogs with scarce vegetation, mostly dry. I do not like this new land. It is clear that something terrible has happened.

… A moment ago I discovered a cave, it goes deep into the mountains. Luckily enough the exploration vehicle fits easily, I wouldn’t want to walk into that place. After lunch, I will enter the mountain.

… For all the circuits sake! I have just found remains of civilization. At the end of the cave a huge terrain opens up, all floor is stone. Three huge pyramids with embedded gems and a similar structure, but with a far larger gem, rise undaunted before my intrusion in their “territory”.

… I decide to explore far beyond the stony floor and I walk along that dead land, a yellow brick road shows me the path to follow, all the area is covered with hills and mountains. I have decided to name it Death Hills. I do not have high expectations on finding the Ancient Ones. 

An about-face.

… I fear for the worst, I have followed a yellow brick road until the end of it. Other pyramidal structures rise every certain metres, this is odd, very odd…

…IMPOSIBLE! I have returned to the same place I started from. Three pyramids… a main structure… stony floor. What is this? How have I been so unweary?

… I will leave the B-20 HTech Probe exploring tonight, I recall seeing certain dry land paths that winded into the rock formations. Maybe tomorrow I have some answers.

They are all dead.

…B-28 HTech has returned from its mission, and is downloading the data gathered to the central computer. This is madness, what in hell have I discovered? The sent images confirm that the Ancient Ones must have built this place, but what is it?

Why is there nobody around?

… Gosh! I just stumbled upon something. A gigantic being lives among the rock formations. I will set off with care after checking the vehicle’s defensive systems.

… For all my systems sake! This being is not alive. I must admit that I find myself morally overwhelmed, I want to return home… I will endure, Entroperhya needs me, my son needs me.

A glimpse of light.

… I have been inspecting the Death Hills for ten years already. The tremendous amount of obtained data allows me to build a theory upon what these structures are, what these yellow brick roads are. It is a battlefield. The question is, why would they want and “official” battlefield for?

… The new obtained data is amazing! I have managed to activate the structures. They are defensive structures. The material used in its making is incredible. At first sight the seem like stone, but actually it is a semi-organic alloy. Inside the main structure, what appears as a door has opened. In the morning I will go inside to inspect it.

… All I see is insane, the technology used is much more advanced than all we know up till now, as if magic an science had converged at an inflection point.

… I have found what might be the key piece for hope. A sort of compute with changing symbols.

… I am going through a kind of semi-organic keyboard introducing our vocabulary. It will take weeks.

… Gosh! I actually managed to do it. This makes sense… now I only have to programme it and make the leaders understand that the legacy of our Ancient Ones could be the key to most of Entroperyha’s problems.

… I have stumbled upon very bad news, all this discovery never got to work. According to the legacy texts, in an act of despair, while The Great War continued to rage on, on the brink of the mutual extinction of both sovereign nations, Queen Chrityayh decided to turn the structures on. Unfortunately, everything went wrong, the calculations were not complete. The worst thing that could happen, happened. The Life essence gems failed on their duty. Animals in the area, the personal guard and the Queen herself were trapped in an enthropic world, between life and death. I’m afraid I have just found out what all those lost souls I have found during my explorations are.

… I don’t know if my mind will be capable of resolving, that what our Ancient Ones couldn’t do.
My only advantage is that I already have one failed test. I have to avoid making the same mistakes. The life essences are the key. I have no time to lose.


… Almost eighteen years have past since I left. I feel tired, old and lonely. I hope to have the strength to finish my mission.

… I have just connected the H alloy jumper cables. All should work and be ready. I have left detailed instructions on who to use the structures. The Hypo-Life Generators are operative. The structures and personal essence stones have been programmed. Both armies have been given life essence.

… I only hope that all works properly, I wouldn’t want to suffer the same fate as the Queen Chrityayh.